Masseria Le Mesole Crispiano


Le Mesole is one of the oldest and most majestic farms in the Crispiano area; the masseria is surrounded by splendid secular olive trees and wheat fields.

A striking ravine crosses the Le Mesole farmland, like a backbone that cuts the mystic valley in two, which overlooks the buildings that are part of the complex on one side, and the seemingly endless olive groves on the other. The ravine transforms the sweet landscape typical of the Apulian countryside by adding a wild and enchanting element to the orderly succession of centuries-old olive trees, pastures and vineyards, characteristic of the area.

The farm buildings date back to the 18th century and testify, together with the many agricultural tools of the period, the Italian peasant life of the late 1800s.

Today Le Mesole maintains its original structure and continues to be a farm, but has been renovated according to the needs of those who want to spend time in the countryside, hiking, practicing sport or in total relax enjoying the silence and atmosphere of these ancient places.

Le Mesole hosts an exclusive farmhouse open all year round. The various apartments have been renovated with meticulous care and enjoy every comfort.

Since its origins, the farm belongs to the same family, which has handed down the love and care of these lands along the generations and the traditions related to agricultural activities and product transformation. But traditions are sometimes renewed, and the recent production of a prized Mediterranean honey has added a new record to the farm.

‚ÄúRenovating Le Mesole was like traveling through time, rediscovering ancient techniques of construction and processing of products. We almost seemed to see the old settler carry a cart and hear the horses’ hooves resonate on the ancient Chianche … “

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